Find Hoppy in the neighbourhood

Download the app! Search for the nearest Hoppy. Afraid he'll be gone? You can make a reservation for a Hoppy.


Hopp and go

Scan the QR code with the app to start your ride. Press the "gas" button on the right side of the wheel & let's go! Squeeze the lever on the left side of the handlebar to brake.


Don't worry be hoppy

Leaving! No need to rush anymore. Drive on the road or in the bicycle lanes and obey the traffic rules.


Finish the ride

You arrive at your destination! Park in the spot provided in the app or neatly on the side. That way everyone is happy :)

What we stand for

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul

Working with cities

We enter into contact with cities and listen to their needs. We believe it is important to maintain a good relationship and make clear agreements.

We take our responsibility

We are personally responsible for keeping our products in excellent condition.

We think ahead

We offer excellent products and services to make life as easy as possible for our Hoppers.

Our customers are important

We are always here for you. We will do everything to make your ride as pleasant as possible. If you experience a problem, you can chat with us directly, mail or even whatsapp.

Our Hopp's

Hoppy platform

Launch your own partial steps

Hoppsharing gives everyone the opportunity to manage your own sharing steps. Become an entrepreneur and join the Hoppy platform.