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Rent a scooter

Rent our Hoppy electric scooters now for your private event or private tour at the location of your choice.

Would you like to discover a city or region in a unique way or are you looking for a fun activity?

Look no further and book our Hoppy electric scooters now! With an autonomy of 50km pure electric riding, these are perfect to have a fun day.

The scooters can be collected from our warehouse or delivered to the desired location.

Rates (price per step):

5-10 steps: >10 steps:
2u €12 €10
4u €18 €15
8u €24 €20
Helmet €3 €2


Steps can also be rented for longer than 1 day on request.

Transportcosts of €0,25 per kilometer when delivering and picking up the scooters at the desired location.


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Number of steps: